Release Notes ShareCRF 2021.02

Available for users on (EU servers)


This is a major release which includes:

  • New features in the ePRO module:
    • Patients can receive reminders via email to complete forms.
    • Trail log for ePRO actions carried out by patients.
    • Information about ePRO form states in the CRF application.
  • New encryption module for field values. Encrypts PHI data in studies to help comply with regulatory normative.
  • New export mode where data is grouped by form. Previous mode remains available, both modes can be selected in the Export module.
  • For the CRF application, fields can now be configured as non exportable.
  • In the CRF application, in the Queries tab inside any record, a filtering tool has been added.
  • Better summary after a CRF publication with data integrity, with detailed changes carried out in each record.
  • In the CRF application, studies with audit trail enabled and reason of change will suggest always the last entered reason of change, to increase speed in the edition in case several field changes share the same reason.
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes detected in previous versions.